Return of the Blue Mushroom

Release Date: 2002-01-01
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From Seattle comes a collection of eclectic, electric goodness, combining groove, funk, rock, “alternative,” college, blues, and pop music into a humorous and witty tunage beast of Funkensteinian proportions.

Album Review

The music on Return of the Blue Mushroom has been reviewed as "good," "really good," "reminds me of Zappa... I think. No, wait, James Brown meets Pearl Jam, no, wait... Stevie Ray's two-headed alien clone only without the hat," "pretty... pretty," "pretty... catchy," and "here's the grocery list." I don't think the last reviewer was really paying attention TBH.

As a reintroduction album, Return of the Blue Mushroom goes through a variety of genres, but always seems to orbit about the funk/rock/alternative/blues axis. Whatever journey gets you to the top of the mountain is fine by me.
- me